Idroclima S.n.c. born with a store on the outskirts of Olbia. Its mission is wholesale and retail of thermo-hydraulic materials, sanitary ware, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, swimming pools and irrigation. The company is young and dynamic, ready to meet the various needs of customers immediately began its expansion in various areas of Sardinia. Another strong point is a technical office is always available to illustrate the features and functionality of our products, constant attention to market news and expert staff to assist their customers.


Born of Idroclima srl, which expands its core business  to alternative energy sources selling the biggest companies on the market of solar thermal and geothermal energy, and facilities attached to them, such as domestic hot water systems, radiant floor systems, ceiling and wall, chillers with heat pump geothermal.


Given the significant increase in requests and new requirements posed by the evolution of the market, the property decides to provide the company with another tool to make your own more complete service to meet the needs of its customers: the internal technical service for the products we sell. This choice also involves the structuring and staff with adequate resources and suitably equipped for this type of activity


Idroclima opens a new selling point for a more widespread distribution in the territory of Berchidda in via Monte Acuto 20.  This point of sale materials company distributes over a narrow range of electrical materials and hardware, and tinting system is also equipped with the famous company Casati , which distributes a wide range of products.


Idroclima open a new store in Olbia via Goceano 31. This opening is made to cover an area of ​​Olbia at unawares of our services. This new store, which opened in July, is completely destroyed in the disastrous flood that hit Olbia on 18 November. But with the stubbornness that has always characterized our company and at the cost of great sacrifices reopens after only two months of inactivity. A tangible sign of our strength of will and belief in ourselves.

As we have seen in this brief history of the company, from its foundation to the present day there have been many changes and innovations, always aimed at the constant improvement of service to our customers. But Idroclima Olbia does not stop there. In fact, we continue to search for the best technological innovations on the market trying to offer them to our customers at the best price.